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Lee Maxwell is part of the American landscape of collectors, who because of their single minded focus on one area of collecting brings us home to the world of our recent ancestors. What their live were like, how they lived - their challenges...things we take for granted.

Like: Just what did they use to wash their clothes?

His diligence and passion for antique washing machines has led him all across the country, searching for makes and models of washing machines not already part of his vast collection.

His wife thinks that Lee should have taken up a less bulky hobby, one that doesn't take up so much room. But not Lee Maxwell, he decided some time ago to open up a museum of antique washing machines.

He is looking for Antique washing machines. Here is a link to his want list: Most Wanted.

GainadayGEM Power Washer

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Maytag collectors club photo with link follow

The Maytag Collectors Club

1938 Bendix

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