We get questions everyday about estate liquidations and what to do with stuff – here are a few.

Question #1

“I have an original invitation to the opening of the New York and Brooklyn Bridge for May 24 1883, this item in very good condition. Would you possibly be interested in auctioning it, or selling it for me? Also would you have any idea as to its value?

Thanks Dale

Answer: I think someone local to you, a dealer in ephemera would be a good place to start. Also this is a perfect eBay item check with a local eBay affiliate. You might also try Swans Auction house in N.Y.

Question #2

“I am having trouble identifying this signature. It is from a landscape sent to me from Germany about 1943-1945. Can you help?”



Answer: I don’t know, maybe one of our readers do.

Question #3

“A very good friend of mine just lost her husband and they live way up in the foothills. There are tools, machines, compressors, generators, junk, pieces of carpet, riding mower, etc. I sent some people who do estate sales and they said there was not enough valuable stuff for them to do it. Sharon looked at me crying and said I don’t know what to do. I could run it myself and advertise with no problem. I just need a guide to tell me what stuff is worth. It all runs, Can you help me?”

Answer: Readers – do any one of you know of a pricing guide that would be helpful for this woman?

Question #4

I am looking for a reputable estate sale company in the Chicago area. Do you have any you can provide? Donna

Answer: I don’t. If someone from the Chicago area drops me a line and provides me with some references I will be happy to pass it along to you.

Martin Codina

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