Who Wore These Gold Dentures Contest Winners

…someones always gonna win…next time it’ll be you…

The Gold Teeth That Bit The Internet

I knew these Antique Gold Dentures were unique, that they would prove to be interesting, But Hey! Did I know that they would cause such an internet sensation…? Well, I hoped they would, and indeed they did.

Before I announce the winners I would like to thank some of the sites that helped people find out about our little contest in the first place: Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing, Avi of Dark Roasted Blend, Jessie Thorn of Put This On, Mental Floss. Thanks!

Yes We Have Contest Winners, But No One To Claim $500.00

Somewhere a mouth still feels empty:

We are still looking for the actual original owners of these teeth, if you have credible information that will lead us to who it was that these teeth were made for we will give you a $500.00 Reward…

The Big (We Made a up Story) Winners

First Place $300.00 Oartist

Second Place: $200.00 Chris

Third Place: $100.00 David Blacburn

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