Would We Still Shoot These Today?

Incredible and striking Glass Target Balls

This Gentleman Would!

Picture of Capt. A. H. Bogardus

His name was Capt. Bogardus and in addition to inventing one of the early forms of glass ball traps, he also improved upon the glass target ball itself.

Here are a few fine examples…

Here are some excellent places to research Glass Targets:

Trap Shooting Hall of Fame Glass Target Balls Alex Kerr

Here’s my take:

Glass Target Balls: This is my favorite kind of collectible. One where there was little or no perceived value during its time of use, I mean they shot at these by the millions.  A category of collectible that the average person will not even know what the item is. I didn’t until I came across an example of one pictured on a bottle collecting site. And something that has beauty, color and story beyond its original intended use.

Collectors, Flea Marketers, and Estate Sales Shoppers Take Note:

These are the kinds of items you should always be on the lookout for…

This Liddle and Kaeding Agents Target Sold For $9,000.00!!!

Liddle and Kaeding Agents glass target ball

Should you find one of these beauties, here’s who you should contact for valuation and possible sale.

American Bottle Auctions

Three More Sites to Visit and See Glass Target Balls;

Antique Target Ball Hall of Fame Glass Target Balls The International Journal of Glass Target Balls

And Finally Here is my parting shot…


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